Grace Youth – G.YTH

About our Ministry

Who we are:

Grace PJ Youth ministry, also known as G.YTH, is the expression of the young people in Grace Assembly PJ. We are a community of young people that gathers with a purpose to grow in intimacy with Jesus through worship, prayer, and the word of God. We are a community of young people radically committed in following Jesus. We are passionate about the story and life of Jesus, and how He has an impact in our lives today.

What we do:

– Life Groups is our cell group platform for young people to grow, build community, challenge their faith, and share their Christian life with one another. We meet on Fridays/Saturdays throughout the week. Our life group consists of Youth Life Groups for teens aged 13 – 17yrs and Campus Life Groups for university aged students from 18 and above.
Grace Youth (G.YTH) Service is our bi-weekly service that happens on a Saturday evening. This is where young people gather as a community to worship, pray, and explore the Word of God. We believe that encountering God, in an intimate and raw way, is essential to the life of a young person.
As G.YTH, we hope to see young people know Him and make Him known in their lives – in their own schools, universities, and in the world today.


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Instagram: gracepj.yth