Acts of Grace Changing Doubt to Trust

Changing Doubt to Trust

Psalm 19:7-11

On occasion, every believer faces moments of doubt. Perhaps a prayer goes unanswered, or our obedience is met with worsening circumstances. Or maybe someone’s criticism makes us question our ability to carry out God’s plan.

Doubting God’s character can hinder our …

Fellowship with Him. Believers live by faith, which is the only way to please God (Rom. 1:17; Heb. 11:6). Doubt undermines faith and causes insecurity.

Prayer life. The impossible becomes possible for those who believe God and do not doubt (Matt. 21:21).

Kingdom service. The Lord asks Christians to do God-sized tasks and promises the Holy Spirit will empower them to do so. If we doubt, we won’t answer the call or complete the job.

Blessings. Doubt prevents us from experiencing joy in the Lord and the peace Jesus gives (John 14:27).

Spiritual uncertainty can come from a variety of sources: unconfessed sin or lingering guilt; tunnel vision on circumstances; and misunderstanding or ignorance of the truths of Scripture. When it comes, try following these steps:
• Identify what is causing you not to trust God.
• Recall a time when He sustained you through a trial.
• Identify a promise or attribute of God that points the way back to faith.


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