By Ps. Mark Banyard This new beginning which God wants to bring to us has to do with not just our thinking, but also our hearts.  When God wants to bring us into a new season or a new beginning, it does not matter who is speaking from the pulpit because chances are, he will come with the same message. Isn’t it wonderful that God doesn’t give up, that He perseveres, that He keeps knocking on the door, so that He

by Ps. Jerry Strong foundational principles or laws based on God’s Word gives us a firm foundation that helps us overcome the storms of life and prosper us. The first foundational principle shared last week was, Truth is Power. The first aspect of this principle is being truthful, being an honest and truthful person and always speaking the truth. Another aspect is, to know the truth for the truth will set you free because knowing God’s truth frees, liberates and empowers

By Ps. Jerry In every life, the wind will blow, the flood will come but if you build your life on a firm foundation, you will stand. That is why it’s so important to get our foundation right. Now, what is a foundational principle?  It’s something you build upon. It is the lens that you look through when you look at life. They are like guardrails, to keep you on track. Some 35 years ago, as a young man, I

By Ps. Mark Banyard Our God is a cross-generation God. God’s plan is revealed to fulfill His promises from generation to generation. What that means is that, not everything that God has promised is going to be fulfilled in our generation. Promises not fulfilled in our generation, will be fulfilled in the next generation and our sons and daughters will see the promises fulfilled. So I say to the next generation of Grace Assemblies, the platform on which God is calling

by Pastor Mark Banyard The first thing the Lord keeps saying as my wife Jane and I prayed for Grace Assemblies, (when I say Grace Assemblies, I am talking about the whole work of Jesus here), is that God loves you.  He loves you simply because you are His children.  It’s an unconditional love, first and foremost. And I believe that word alone should satisfy. That word alone brings healing.  That word alone brings release. That word alone brings a

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