God has called everyone to stop limiting themselves to the valleys. We are to take the mountain that He has called us to. The principalities on the mountains have got to be dethroned.  Moses told the twelve spies to go up and take the mountain. Only two believed. The rest did not believe, therefore they did not get the mountain. If you don’t believe, the mountain is not yours

The Education mountain is controlled by Baal. Baal is a demon mentioned in the Old Testament that is full of perversion. The Economy mountain is controlled by the principality of Apollyon and he is a destroyer, he uses the economy to destroy.  Today, most of the nations on planet earth are bankrupt. But the question is where did the money go? Nobody can tell. The third mountain is Government.  Many governments all over the world are run by Lucifer himself.  He is a manipulator. He is corrupt. He is a deceiver. He turns one against another. He causes betrayal.  And that is what is happening in this country and all over the world. But thank God we have good news too. And the good news is Malaysia will be saved. Don’t give room anymore to Lucifer.

Next is the Belief System and it is controlled by Beelzebub.  Remember when Jesus was casting out demons, the religious fanatics said, “O, He is doing it by the finger of Beelzebub.”  Beelzebub is the king of flies. So, somewhere in Israel there is a place where they throw all the garbage. That’s where the word hell comes from.  All of the garbage of Israel is thrown into this valley. And it is full of worms and flies. And there is a demon there called Beelzebub. So, when Jesus was healing people, the fanatics say He was doing it by Beelzebub, the king of the flies or the king of filth.   

Then comes Family.  The principality over family is mammon, the demon of money and greed which destroys families. Jesus in all His wisdom put the choice of God and mammon on the same platform. He says we have to choose between God and mammon, the demon of prosperity, the false “god”.  There is a false way of prospering through mammon. All men are slaves. And we have one choice in life and that is to choose our master. Is it God or is it mammon? So wise up! Lay up for yourself treasures in heaven where there is no moth, no inflation, no recession and no thief.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The next mountain is the Media. The media is ruled by Jezebel, which is seduction.  Everywhere you turn, the TV and the internet, you see a woman, an almost naked woman. You see a car advertisement, the car is so small but not so the seductive woman. Filth and pornography is rampant in Malaysia, Singapore and all over the world. It is a Jezebelic spirit. And lastly, in the mountain of Culture and Celebration, the religious spirit of false worship reigns.  Caleb was 40 years old when Moses sent him from Kadesh Barnea to spy out the land. Caleb did not say that it was God who sent him but Moses. God always sends a man or a woman. When all governments fail, when all kings fail, when the army fails and when everything fails, God’s ultimate weapon of warfare is the prophet.  God always sends a prophet. That’s why the Bible from Genesis to Revelation always says God sent a man. When the human race failed, God decided to become a man and He came to this world. God sent His Son. He sent a man.

Caleb says I will take that mountain. Give me that mountain.  He first heard the promise from Moses when he was forty years old.  Now, forty-five years later, he says, I will take it. I am still as strong.  Twelve men were sent to spy the land and ten of them came back with a negative report. And so, they stayed in the wilderness all of their lives.  They heard the promise, but they never got to take hold of it. Only Joshua and Caleb, because the Bible says they had a different spirit.

Beloved, I want to see you take your mountains.  I want you to be at the top. Any mountain that stands in your path today, you can speak to it and say grace, grace, grace and the mountain shall become a plain. This season, you will move into the promises of God.  This season, we take our mountains. All the seven mountains are ours. You can choose to walk wherever God’s called you to walk and take possession. Because you wholly follow the Lord, it shall be your inheritance! Hallelujah!

by Pastor Henry

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