For many years you have heard about the Seven Mountains. Right in the center is what is called the Religious mountain or as far as we are concerned, the Holy Spirit. He is at the centre, the true church, full of purity and praiseworthiness, all the attributes found in Philippians 4:8.  

Outside of the centre, you see the other six mountains. There is the mountain of Celebration, comprising of the arts and entertainment. Is art wrong?  Is entertainment wrong? In cultures all over the world, much of these have been taken from the Christian scriptures. So, we have the arts and entertainment that bring glory to the Lord. The rooster praises the Lord for a new day.  The chicken lays an egg and she dances around it, hallelujah, she has laid an egg! The Bible declares that everything on earth and even the stones cry out and worship Him.

Next comes the mountain of Economy, riches and honesty. In the Christian economy, there is honesty.  This is followed by the Education mountain, full of wisdom and truth. Then the Government mountain, where there is power and justice. If we do not get into government, if we do not influence government, we will suffer the consequences, because that’s where Satan himself rules from, whether you believe it or not.  

Then there’s the Media mountain, the medium for blessings and good report. God’s up there in heaven and earth is here, and there is a medium in between. Mediums come between the spirit world and the carnal world. So the newspaper, radio and television, all of these are media.  They are mediums and every medium has a mediator. And Christ is the mediator between God and man, between heaven and earth. There is no media between God and man but Christ Jesus. That’s why we need to take the media. The seventh is the Family mountain, so all of these make up the seven mountains.  

Your assignment is to take the seven mountains. Which mountain has God given to you?  So, you must know the mountain for this is the time to take your mountain!

Philippians 4:8 says to meditate on these things. What does it mean to meditate?  It comes from an act of a cow. A cow eats grass and then it begins to chew and chew and chew until that grass becomes a part of its body. It is meditating. Likewise, the Lord says meditate on these things, think on these things. The Bible says as a man thinketh, so is he.  What are you thinking? Is it edifying? Does it honor God?


Whatsoever things are true, think on this; this is education. Today, education is in the arms of the atheists. Everything God says not to do, students are taught to do. It is to create an anti-Christ society.  But true education is to present truth, because He is truth. Jesus says I am the Truth. So, when it says whatsoever things are true, the Bible is speaking about educating your child so that he walks in the ways of the Lord.  

Second, whatsoever things are honest.  This is the economy. In the business world, they say unless you cheat, you cannot make money.  That’s a lie. The third is whatsoever things are just – this refers to government – government is justice.  The fourth is a focus on purity and praiseworthiness and is based on our belief system. Five, whatsoever things are lovely is for the family, that’s where love is manifests.  Husbands, love your wife. Love, love, love, for God is love.  If you don’t love, you don’t know God. And by this will all men know you are my disciples because you love one another.

Whatsoever things are of good report, that’s the media. Then the seventh is culture and celebration.  Now, culture is very good.  But please keep in mind the word culture comes from the word cult.  Sometimes culture can become a cult when one begins to exalt culture before God, and above God.  Culture that is not defiled is good. You know the Chinese like red color, what does the red color speak about?  The blood of Jesus. Where do you think they got the idea of putting the red cloth on the doorpost? Go and read the book of Exodus.  Everything they do during Chinese New Year is a replica of what God told Moses to do. O bless God, He is the Lord of all! Hallelujah!  

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