Acts of Grace The Prophecy and Rebirth of a Nation

The Prophecy and Rebirth of a Nation

On 9 September 2009 (9.9.9) in Sabah, Henry Pillai released the word of God on the prophetic destiny of Malaysia.

“Today is 9-9-9. On the 9th day of the 9th month in the 9th year of the millennium, the birthing process has begun. This is a significant month for Malaysia and for Sabah as well.”

Prophecy Timeline: 9 Years ago 9th Month 9th Day

“It takes a woman 9 months before she delivers her baby. The church has been “pregnant” in carrying a burden for this nation for a long time. On 09.09.09, the ninth day in the ninth month of the ninth year (of this millennium), a new thing has been birthed in the Church of Christ. Something new has been birthed, a miracle, a sign and a wonder. Everything

is going to change and the praying church will be the agent of this change.”

“In human governance, 9 is the time of birthing either good or evil. God has a great plan for this nation. There is a prophetic destiny that Malaysia must fulfil to become a model nation. Malaysia’s destiny is of such great importance that there is a great contention in the heavenlies between the powers of light and the powers of darkness over the soul of this nation.”

9-9-9 = Maximum Good

Maximum Bad

“Prophetically, the number 9 represents the Divine Judgement of God terminating the manifestations of darkness. The number 9 is also the number of Divine Blessings. The Bride of Christ, the Church needs to discern this crucial truth. The Church will birth a new

thing and it will be a great thing.

When man is in agreement with God, a miracle takes place. When a woman yields and is in agreement with her husband, she conceives and gives birth. Likewise, we must yield to the will of God and agree with Him in order for something to be birthed in this nation. The Bible instructs us to pray always for our nation.”

After the word was released, the change begun from the womb of the Church and exactly 9 years later on the 9th of May 2018, the miracle took place and New Malaysia was born!

The Birth of New Malaysia 9 May 2018 (14th General Elections) The seventh Prime Minister, aged 93 was installed at 9.30pm on 10 May 2018.

by Pastor Henry

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