Acts of Grace SEE JESUS  (PART 2)


The man suffered from a deep seeded and lingering disorder for 38 years.  And when Jesus noticed him lying there, helpless, Jesus said to him, “Are you really in earnest about getting well?”  Not only in getting well, but in getting ‘whole’ in Christ. Are we still earnest? Are we still desiring to be whole in Him?

After 38 years, if anybody approaches you with this question, your response would immediately be, “Yes!  Definitely!!” But the invalid answered, “Sir, there’s no way I can get healed, for I have no one who will lower me into the water when the angel comes.”

The same answer is heard from children of God all over the world!  Firstly, it’s about me; I. Secondly, their eyes are on man.

When Jesus taught us to pray, He never said ‘I’, He said ‘us’.  Jesus said in John 15:15, ‘I no longer call you servants, I call you My friends!’  None of you are servants of God. The relationship that a servant has with his master is limited.  You are part of the household of God, so you have the access to boldly come to your Daddy. A servant only does what he is asked to do and what he is paid for.  But a son operates from relationship. You don’t love because you’re going to get a salary. You love out of ‘relationship’.

What changed for this man who was lying in the same state for 38 years, to suddenly listen to a stranger?  It’s the ‘Word of God’.  The Word of God carries authority!  That is why the enemy keeps us busy so that we do not sit with the Word.  And because the Word of God doesn’t abide in us, we pray out of fear and out of need.  Prayer was never to fulfil needs! Jesus prayed because He wanted to spend time with His Daddy.  He wanted to enquire, “Abba, what are You saying for this day? What is Your assignment for this day?”  He didn’t pray because He was hungry. He didn’t pray because He needed food when there was a multitude.  He didn’t pray because He had nowhere to sleep. He prayed to enquire the ‘heart’ of His Father.

When we pray for the nation of Malaysia, we are enquiring, “Abba, what is Your heart for this nation, so we can bring what is on Your heart down to earth?”  Prayer is entering into His presence and saying, “Yes, Father, whatever You say, I’ll do. Whatever You commission, I’ll obey.”

And as you spend time in His presence, you’ll never leave empty handed.  His Word says, “Even before you ask, your Father knows what you need.”

The civil New Year has started in Israel.  God has released His plan and His destiny for this year.  God is not only speaking to Prophets. Jesus said, ‘My sheep know My voice.’  When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you can hear His voice.  You can have an intimate relationship with Him. The only thing that stands between us and Him is our natural senses; our eyes being on man and not on Him!  So I want to encourage you, child of God.  Jesus Christ is not just the Resurrected Sacrifice that is seated next to the Father.  He is Christ in you, the hope of glory!  And He has chosen you to reveal Himself to the world!  He has chosen you to bring healing!  He has chosen you to bring hope! He has chosen you to love somebody that does not know Him.  But then, you must first understand what He is for you!


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