Acts of Grace SEE JESUS  (PART 1)


A life that God had given a great assignment to, was confined to the graveyard (Mark 5:1-20).  He was confined in chains and shackles. Hearing the wrong voice robbed this man of his divine assignments.  But then He met Jesus!

In the same way, Jesus is coming your way.  He wants to set you free from your graveyard to your assignments!  From a slave to a son! From defeat to victory! This is the hour of transition!  This is the hour of a New Beginning!

There are many Christians who have been saved for many years but they don’t have a ‘relationship’.  They can give you theology but there is no relationship! What is evident of a relationship? It’s the Fruit!

When you go to the Middle East or the Amazon, you don’t reach one soul with theology.  Even when I went to India to minister, not one person came to salvation through theology.  They come to salvation through meeting a Person that has the name, Jesus Christ! They come to salvation by ‘experiencing’ a relationship!

John 5 speaks about a man who is lying by a pool called Bethesda, having 5 porches.  Prophetically, every single word in the Word of God has meaning. So when you read the Word of God, see the pictures; see the Word come alive.

John is painting this picture for us, and I want you to see with your spiritual eyes.  Now first the name of the pool was Bethesda. In Hebrew it means, ‘the house of outpouring’; Outpouring of Kindness.  Secondly, next to the pool there were 5 porches. We all know that prophetically 5 is the number of ‘grace’. The number 5 also refers to our ‘natural senses’.  Thirdly, the gate that he had to enter through is the Sheep Gate. The Sheep Gate is where the sacrificial animals were brought into the temple. This points us to the Lamb of God whose cross and sacrifice brought us healing.  Therefore, there is an atmosphere of miracle daily.

When Jesus Christ, the hope of glory is in you, you carry that atmosphere for miracles daily!  When Peter was walking in the street it was the over-shadowing of Peter; the atmosphere he created that brought forth miracles!

Here we see this man, although Jesus was standing right next to him, he didn’t recognise Him.  How often do we do that? We say, Christ Jesus in me, the hope of glory but then half an hour later when the first challenge comes, we look with natural eyes and ears.  You allow unbelief and offence to set in your heart!

I want to challenge you today.  You are entering a time of prayer and fasting.  Make this time of prayer and fasting not about you, not about the needs you have in your family, not about the sicknesses you have, not about what must be done for you but what you can do for Him!  What is His agenda for this Church? What is His assignment? You know what will happen when the fast ends? You’re suddenly going to realise, Wow! I didn’t even pray for that and God answered! He provided! He did that miracle I was trusting for 38 years!  Seek first to do the will of God and all that you need will be added unto you!


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