When Jesus’ disciples were with Him they saw Him do many signs, wonders, miracles but they came to Him on two occasions, making this request, ‘Lord, teach us how to pray like You pray.’

From the moment a Jewish baby is born, the Mother and midwife are saying prayers. So the baby is conceived in prayer, he is born in prayer.  If it’s a boy, they say ‘may he be part of the Messiah family; may he have a role in the life of our coming Messiah.’ If it’s a girl, they pray ‘may she be the one that will ultimately bring the Messiah into the world.’  So whether boy or girl, from the womb, they are hearing prayers.

They pray three times a day so it’s not that they don’t know how to pray.  They saw the Pharisees & Scribes pray but nothing happened. But when Jesus prayed, there was always something that happened!  It seems when Jesus prayed, Heaven responded! It seems when Jesus prayed, God responded! They didn’t say, teach us how to raise the dead or speak to the waves and wind or turn water into wine.  They said, ‘teach us how to pray.’

My prayer for you, as a Church, is that you will learn to pray; you will learn to commune and have an intimate relationship with God.  When that happens, something is always conceived! The Holy Spirit came upon Mary and she conceived. When in prayer, we allow the Holy Spirit to come upon us and He always leaves something inside.



The Psalmist is saying something that is so powerful – “Will Thou not revive us again that Thy people may rejoice?”  Using the word ‘again’ means that the people had actually experienced a revival but over the years it had fizzled out.  And so, it is a prayer of somebody that is so desperate to see another move of God taking place in the nation!

Malaysia, God has just given you a powerful breakthrough in May!  However, many people, after the elections, have gone back to slumber and they are thinking everything is alright, we don’t need to pray now, it is time to relax.  But the Lord is saying, ‘this is the time to push deeper for revival!’  It is not just about the election but it is about the destiny of the nation!

When you get a change, it means that the demonic prince that had oppressed the country for so many years has been totally paralyzed and totally weakened.  There is an opening now and it is Time to Pray for Revival! That is what God wants to do in Malaysia! It’s more than an election victory! It’s going to be Revival and it’s going to be Transformation!  Something is about to break-out in the land!

So the Psalmist says, will You not revive us again that the people may rejoice?  Why will the people rejoice when revival comes? Because revival will release a wave of supernatural power.  And this supernatural power destroys the throne and altars of darkness that have been keeping a people group in bondage and stopping them from stepping into their destiny.  People rejoice because when revival happens, miracles, healings and deliverance take place! People’s passion and love for God is fired up again!

However, Revival just does not happen.  Revival is not a miracle. Revival happens because we are putting in place the principles that attract the presence of God.  There are certain things that we do that will attract the presence of God and there are certain things we do that will attract demonic presence.  So we have to prepare as a nation now for revival to take place because the waters of revival are hanging over the nation of Malaysia!

by Pastor Henry

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