And this is what the Lord is saying
in this 18th Season. There is only
One Door! It’s the door
of your heart. It’s the door of your
life. It’s the door of your future.
Jesus says, “Open, Let Me Come In
And Your Joy Will Be Full for Joy is
found only in Christ!
This is the season to experience
liberty and freedom from things
that have shackled you!

We face different limitations in our life. Limitations put by people,
limitations we put upon ourselves (which
are usually imaginary) and limitations
the enemy puts against us so that we
cannot accomplish the desires of our
heart.  As a result, our prayers become hindered and our dreams are not fulfilled.

But it is God’s desire that every dream
and every hope He puts within you is
accomplished. All of us are here with
a Divine Assignment. Only when you
discover the assignment that God has
given you will your life be meaningful
and fruitful. Otherwise you are a misfit; can’t fit into anything no matter how
hard you try. Failure upon failure,
disappointment upon disappointment.
God will not be pleased because He did
not create you to have a miserable life.
He created you to live a godly, abundant
life and be a blessing!

There is so much of counterfeit
information and the world lives on these
lies. Scripture tells us the deceivers get
deceived and the liars believe in lies.
So if we are in a place of deceiving and
being deceived, lying and being lied to
all the time, then we are victims. We will
not be able to achieve the dreams and
desires in our heart.

In Revelations 3:20 we see Jesus
standing outside the church and He’s
knocking the door. He says, “if your
heart is open to hear My voice.” Sad to
say, we are hearing so many distracting,
deceiving voices that we have no sense
of direction. We have no sense of
achievement. No sense of destiny. No
sense of purpose!

But if you know who you are and Whose you are, nothing can cause you to deter because you have an Appointed Destiny that you
desire to fulfil. If you know Him, then you will have only one desire and that is to make Him known! I pray the Lord will open your ears that you may hear His voice and walk in alignment to your divine assignment!

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