Scripture describes the Church as a prophetic people but we need to hear the voice of God, be in agreement with Him and echo His voice to the Heavens.

This is praying.  Praying is the Earth being in agreement with the Heavens.  It is Not the Heavens being in agreement with the Earth but the Earth being in agreement with the Heavens!  Man must agree with God and with one another. A prophetic people are a praying people. A prophetic Church is a praying Church.  A prophet spends more time praying than prophesying!

It is a union with God, being in a love relationship with Him.  It is knowing the mind of Christ and becoming the voice of God.  In the book of Genesis, God saw the darkness but He proclaimed light and light came forth.  He saw confusion and prophesied order.  He saw death but He prophesied life!

Looking around us we see and hear much bad news. Into this atmosphere of bad news, we decree good news.  Into hopelessness we decree hope! Seeing the invisible we believe for the impossible! We call into being things that are not yet there.  This is being prophetic and we are a prophetic people.

The Berlin wall was the physical symbol of the Communist rule.  Death awaited anyone who attempted to cross over from either side of the wall.  That wall kept people in bondage. On one side of the wall there was bondage, on the other liberty.  Death versus life! That wall stood immovable for years! Finally the people got together in small groups to pray.  Ultimately, it was reported that a million people, in little groups across East Germany began to pray. They prayed late in the night, quietly and diligently in one mind.  God heard the cries of the people and finally the wall came down in a single night!

Through corporate prayer East Europe was set free from bondage.  Whenever the Bride of Christ calls out, He hears! “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

This is a time of prayer.  This is a time for agreement!  This is the time to give ‘birth’!  This is the time for miracles! Miracles have to be born.  God tells to ask for the nations and He will give them to us.  He wants us to take the nations for a possession. We must ask to receive.  To everyone who asks they will receive! All who knocks it will be opened unto them!  We have to ask and keep on asking until we get it!

Believe and prophesy!  Declare Malaysia to be blessed, Malaysia to be saved in the name of Jesus!

by Pastor Henry

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