A life that God had given a great assignment, was confined to the cemetery.  He was confined in chains and shackles. But God did not intend for him to be there!

In the same way, Jesus is coming your way.  He wants to bring a change in your life! He wants to set you free from your graveyard to your assignments!  He’s a God who cares. He’s a God who comes down to save because we can’t save ourselves. Only He can transform us!

Apostle Vernon Fernandez shared an amazing testimony of being in such a place.  The Lord blessed him with several TV stations but five of the clients had not paid their fees for several years and that put the station in debt with the bank.  The bank was going to sell his TV stations. He came to a point of surrender as he had done everything humanly possible. Two days before the foreclosure date, he told his wife not to disturb him as he was going to sleep.  He completely surrendered to God and decided to rest. Few minutes later, he had a phone call that miraculously transformed the whole situation. God started working on this story 12 years back but what brought the transformation?  These are the lessons the Lord taught him:

  1. Realising God was there

Whatever you go through you need to recognise He is there with you!  How do we respond when we get hurt? Think of the pain you’re going through and think of what’s going on.  When you keep the hurt and bitterness, God cannot do anything. When you give it up to God and forgive and lift up the people that hurt you, it gives God a chance to work on your behalf.  If we can go back to the Cross and remember what Jesus did on the Cross for us, we can go back to the place where we got hurt and apply the Cross right there! Church, my prayer for you is, go back and release the people.  Let them go and let God intervene!

  1. Bless Them

When you let go, you have to bless and pray for them. Not curse them!  Because if we curse them, God cannot bless us. Church, there is a turnaround!  We have to get out! We have to be free from any type of limitations! Our past has brought us to limit God; what we have gone through brought us to limit God!  Another secret is to be humble! Bring a gift.

  1. Clear Your Imagination

When we have bitterness, our power to imagine fades away.  God promised Abraham as far as his eyes can see, the land is his.  This blessing is for you too! Many people have given up on prayer because they have prayed so much but have not seen any answers.  Church, if you can release people who have hurt you and begin to bless them, that is when God will restore your sight.

Every Scripture has the breath of God!  Every Scripture has the life of God! Every Scripture can come to pass!  But because of our Blindness, we don’t see it. There is provision made for every one of us.  It’s unlimited but because of Unforgiveness, we have limited our lives! What is in your mind?  What is in your heart about how to deal with your situations? You can have many, many plans but what God purposed is that we will Forgive!  He purposed that we will Let Go! If He forgave us our sin then we should forgive others likewise.  Amen!


~ by Pastor Henry Pillai

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