“This is the appointed time for Malaysia!  God has a great plan for this nation! There is a prophetic destiny that Malaysia must fulfil to become a model nation and that destiny is of such great importance that there is great contention in the heavenlies between the power of light and the power of darkness over the soul of this nation!”

“Look at that delay and say, ‘Move! in Jesus’ Name! And it shall move!  Jesus said, ‘whoever can look at this mountain and if you have faith as a mustard seed, you’ll point to this mountain and say be moved and it shall be moved and cast into the sea.  It’s time for all the mountains of resistance to be cast into the sea! Sea of forgetfulness. Sea of the past.”

Apostle Jackie

The assignment that God has chosen Grace to walk in, will not be an assignment of only bringing the Gospel to the world, but it will be an assignment of a dimension to bring more than just the light (which is the salvation message)!

Everything in life is about a seed!  Repentance always will bring you into another dimension.  It is not the mistakes you make that is going to make you a conqueror but if you can Repent of it, that would make you a Conqueror!  The world system says ‘you learn by mistakes’. But the Kingdom system says, ‘Repent!’ For when you repent, the Kingdom of God is near!

Matthew 25:31-34 says All nations will be separated.  Therefore, your dispositioning at the moment will reveal if you’re a sheep or a goat.  Many people in the Church who thought they were sheep are going to find they are actually goat because they don’t have the mentality of Kingdom.  They have the mentality of their own world and flesh!

The opposite of Dispositioning is re-positioning.  You need to be repositioned in the right place for the nations because Grace is not only called for Malaysia.  Many people are going to come to Grace and make mistakes but you are to help them.  See above their mistakes. If they are teachable, help them so that they can become a true sheep for the King of kings in His Kingdom.  For not all of us are matured in the same way. Grace is called for the world; globally! I hope you understand the price it is going to cost to go globally.

You overcome Delay by speaking ‘it is written’.  It is by the Word of God that you will crush the spirit of delay!  While you are walking in God’s direction, the Devil will try to derail you or delay you.  If you speak to business people, they are struggling with the spirit of delay. They are struggling for contracts to come through.  They are struggling because there is a spirit of delay over the nation. But today, we will conquer!

By Pastor Henry Pillai

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