Malaysia has a prophetic destiny!  And this is the appointed time for Malaysia!  In human governance, 9 is the time of birthing; month of birthing good or evil.  God has a great plan for this nation! There is a prophetic destiny that Malaysia must fulfil to become a model nation and that destiny is of such great importance that there is great contention in the heavenlies between the power of light and the power of darkness over the soul of this nation!  As such, we are at crossroads now!

This season seems to be the time of highest and most intense spiritual activity.  It has various prophetic significance and we must take note of this. It is at this time God has appointed urgent prayer for the nation!

During the Hungry Ghost festival, it is believed that the ‘Gates of Hell’ are opened and Satan and the dead return to visit their living relatives. Halloween is a celebration of Satan’s birthday and many Christians also celebrate this day.  All these festivals are related to the kingdom of darkness! (Details of religious festivals and the birth dates of the different deities are stated in API 01/09 edition. E-copy available by registration at Info counter)

It takes a woman 9 months before she delivers her baby.  The Church has been ‘pregnant’ in carrying a burden for this nation for a long time.  On the 09.09.09; the ninth day in the ninth month of the ninth year, a new thing has been birth in the church of Christ.  The enemy of God will attempt to do anything to abort this plan.

So we say ‘Thank You, Lord’ for what You are doing in this land!  Thank You for You have seen fit to use people like us! We are privileged and favoured by God to be given this insight and prophetic revelation.  And that puts a great responsibility on us! The accurate prophesying gives us great responsibility! God wants to speak to you prophetically but you must set aside your time!  Then you are a child of God, otherwise you’re just a Church-goer!

From your inner most being will well up; spring up, rivers of water.  What is coming out of your mouth? Is it gifts of the Holy Spirit or of the flesh?  Only two voices you hear. Heaven’s voice or hell’s voice. Beloved, I challenge you to become an instrument of God the Holy Spirit and you’ll begin to flow.  Be the Voice for the land!


Coming into Elul means there is Change Ahead!  We are in a Season of Change! What was true in the past season will not be true in the season ahead.  In this season, we go from a narrow place to a broad place. It’s one of the most joyful months!

This is the season of the Monarch butterflies.  When you see them flitting through the garden, you need to remember the process they went through to get there.  That butterfly began life as an ugly caterpillar. It formed a cocoon and in the cocoon it was slowly transformed.  Finally, when the time comes for it to be released, it squeezes through a small opening and spreads its wings. The most difficult part of the process is when the newly formed butterfly has to squeeze its way out of the cocoon!  A narrow place! But the effort of squeezing through the narrow place is what forces fluid into the wings causing them to expand! If you saw the butterfly struggling to get out of the cocoon and decide to help the poor little thing and clip the cocoon open so it doesn’t have to squeeze through, you would have doomed that butterfly to never fly!  It has to force through the narrow place! If it didn’t squeeze through that narrow place, its wings would never form!

So when you see a Monarch butterfly spreading its wings, it’s saying ‘I made it through!’  And that is what God wants for you as you move out of the season of Av into the season of Elul!  



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