Acts of Grace WINDS OF CHANGE!  (PART 2)


The word that came forth was, “If I tell you what I am going to do in this land, even you will not believe because the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be in every village, every town and every city and God will do this and even you will have difficulty believing!”  (31 Aug 1999)

It was also revealed that four things must take place before change began in Malaysia; a big earthquake in Taiwan, bloodshed in Indonesia, a big earthquake in India, a big earthquake in Italy.

Three weeks after the prophecy was given, I landed in Taiwan for a national conference that I was speaking at the next day.  Past midnight as I was about to sleep, I heard the tiles on the walls and glass breaking, sirens blasting, people screaming. I felt the building shaking and realised I was in an earthquake.  That was the biggest earthquake Taiwan ever had! Throughout the one week I was there, I would still feel the aftermath of the earthquake.

The bloodshed in Indonesia was on the 17th January 2000.  It was very bad but it was also the turning around.

On 21st January 2001, a major earthquake happened in Gujarat, India.  It was so devastating that even till now the city cannot be rebuilt!

On 13th September 2003 an earthquake happened in Toulin, Italy.

And on 25th October 2003 Mahathir stepped down and handed the leadership of Malaysia to Badawi.  It was then the change in this country began! And that is according to God’s way!

Below is an excerpt of a message I shared in Kota Kinabalu and our church in Taman SEA, entitled ‘9-9-9, Winds of Change’ (e-copy is available).

“Today is 9-9-9.  Our nation is at the Crossroads, therefore we as a Church are also at Crossroads.  On the 9th day, in the 9th month in the 9th year of the millennium, the birthing process has begun.  This is a significant month for Malaysia and this includes Sabah as well.”

After the Word was released, the change begun from the womb of the Church and exactly 9 years, 9 months, 9 days, 9 minutes past 9pm a miracle was birth!  God is going to pour out His Spirit in this nation! God is going to bless the people in this nation and they are going to rise up as a mighty people of God to bless this nation.  Malaysia will become a pattern and an example to the whole of Middle East and Asia!

We are privileged and favoured by God to be given this insight and prophetic revelation.  The accurate prophesying gives us great responsibility! If God has anointed me with this kind of gifting; from the father it has to go to the children!  Therefore, if you look up to me as your ‘spiritual father’ and relate to me as ‘children’, I promise you, standing on God’s word, that which is on me will have double impact on you.  You’ll be able to accomplish more, do more and achieve more than your father did! Joshua did more than Moses and Elisha did double of what Elijah did because they related to the father-son anointing!  The anointing comes by association and by relationship. Fathers give Inheritance! Fathers give character! Fathers give destiny!

It’s my desire to see you pick-up what God has put on my life and begin to double it because from this Church it must go out all over the world!  Come and see for yourself and get involved then you’ll discover the inherent gifts in you that have not been activated or released. God wants to speak to you prophetically but you must set aside your time!

There is a mantle; an anointing that God has put on this ministry globally, which is also on you!  So I am inviting you! I am challenging you to set yourself apart! Come up and hear His voice! This is a divine invitation to you because Malaysia is a Divine Project!


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