Acts of Grace WINDS OF CHANGE!  (PART 1)


Malaysia is a Divine project!  This is not something I’m saying now.  Every year we publish the Apostolic Prophetic Insight (API) magazine and the apostolic prophetic anointing of this ministry is seen globally.  We are ministering in almost every nation in the world. 220 nations have opened the door to Grace through me, as a Father figure and as an Apostolic Prophetic figure.  I come up with this magazine every year and it is given free.

God is the One that rules!  God is the One that is the judge of all!  He rules over all nations! That is why we always pray unto Him.  Even Malaysia belongs to God; by creation and redemption! He is the God of all!  He is not only the God of the Christians but He is the God of all. There is no other God but the LORD Himself!  And He is God alone!

If God has chosen to reveal an iota of His plans to us, not only is that a privilege but God expects ‘responsibility’ to come alongside the privilege and blessing.  Why did God reveal it to us in detail? Why did God give me the voice? Therefore, we have the God given privilege and responsibility not only to be the voice in this land but also the voice all over the world!

God does not give us information for information sake.  He gives us information for transformation sake!  So when I receive divine information, which is an iota of divine knowledge, it is for our benefit.  The Scripture says prophecy is given to edify, to comfort, to guide, to confirm and to create unity (1 Corinthians 12:7).   The word ‘Prophecy’ comes from the word ‘pro’; meaning ‘for’ and not against. It is always to Edify! God may say judgement is coming, problems are coming but He will also tell us how to go through it and how to overcome.  Prophecy is always spoken forth for our good!

In that verse, the Lord is saying the gift of the Holy Spirit is that you prophesy.  As a child of God, when you open your mouth, you edify, you exhort, you comfort, you confirm what God is doing and you create unity. That is the evidence the Holy Spirit is in control of your life!

Therefore we are all Evangelists.  We are called to carry Good News! Carrying what God is saying, not what people or the devil are saying!  So these messages that were brought forth in the 01/09 Edition of API magazine gives hope, it strengthens, it edifies and it unifies.

(E-copy of the magazine is available by registration at Info counter)

On 31st August, 1999, at our Church Camp in Port Dickson, we had a visiting Prophet sharing at the camp.  This is what the Lord spoke very clearly through him.

  1. We will play a major role in Malaysia.
  2. Change will take place.
  3. This nation will fulfil its prophetic destiny!

The word that came forth was, “If I tell you what I am going to do in this land, even you will not believe because the outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be in every village, every town and every city and God will do this and even you will have difficulty believing!”

And four things must take place before change begins in Malaysia.  I will share more next week.


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