Acts of Grace SEASON TO BREAK THROUGH & GO BEYOND! By Robert Heidler



In Biblical times, the children of God would watch the sky and when they saw the little thin sliver of a crescent moon, they would know it’s the beginning of a New month.  They would get together and have a big praise celebration and they would bring their first and best offering to God and hear what the Prophets had to say and enter into a season of blessing with understanding. Every month is a new prophetic season.  To walk with God and stay in step with the Holy Spirit, we need to understand the season.

We have just entered the new biblical month of Tammuz (14 June – 12 July).  Tammuz is associated with the Hebrew letter ‘Chet’. Chet is the Hebrew number ‘8’ which signifies New Beginnings!  ‘Life’ is a Chet word.  But ‘sin’ is also a Chet word.  Therefore, in this season we must be careful to choose correctly!

It’s a time to look back at the individual events in your life and begin to see how they link together.  God says He is working out a good and perfect plan for your life! Therefore, this is a season to discern God’s plans for your life!  If you’re walking with the Lord, you should see increase.  You should see progress toward your destiny! Remember the trials and testings you’ve been through.  Some of those times were painful and you probably didn’t understand why it was happening. But looking back, you can now see God’s faithfulness in pulling you through.  You can see that He was laying a foundation for future blessings even in the hard times!

Think about the battles you have fought!  Think about the times you had to stand in faith against the devil and his forces to claim the blessings God had promised you!  Remembering that gives faith for the battles you are in now! So review your life this season and ask God what adjustments you need to make to move into the next phase of His blessings!

Most importantly, Tammuz is a season to Worship and Seek God and God alone!  You see, Tammuz was the time when the children of God made a Golden Calf at Mount Sinai.  God had delivered them from Egypt. They were free and on their way to the Promised Land! On the way God allowed them to go through testing upon testing to increase their faith.  And in each test God was faithful and delivered them from danger! But at Mount Sinai, while Moses was having his ‘mountain top’ experience with the Lord, the children of God were left alone in the wilderness for 40 days.  They didn’t like the wilderness. They were filled with fear. They had depended on Moses to deliver them but he was gone and they probably didn’t know whether they would see him again! They wanted reassurance. They could have reflected on all that they Lord had done for them from the time He brought them out of Egypt but they wanted something tangible they could look to for protection.  So Aaron built the golden calf and the people worshipped it! They took their eyes off the promise of God and worshipped an idol!

Daniel 11 says idolatry is an abomination (source of utter disgust) that causes desolation!  Which means if you are not drawing your life from God, you will end up with barrenness! Idolatry brings a curse! (Deuteronomy 27:15)  It also causes God’s presence to leave! (Ezekiel 8:6).

Tammuz is a season with a ‘snare’!  If you are not careful to worship and seek the Lord this season, you’ll be in danger of making a ‘golden calf’!  

You can choose not to live in fear because fear is not from God! (2 Timothy 1:7)  So if a spirit of fear is tormenting you, you can choose not to accept it! You can choose to break through and go beyond!  You can choose to trust God! You can choose to reject the path of fear and get on to the path to God’s blessing! Choose to trust God and wait on Him!  You can escape the snare of the Golden Calf!

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