Acts of Grace TO BE NEW, RELEASE THE OLD! By Apostle Allen Faubion

TO BE NEW, RELEASE THE OLD! By Apostle Allen Faubion

This is a moment in time for Malaysia!  One of the things that the Lord pointed out to me was to pay attention to what goes on after the elections because things are not always what they look like.  Whenever the enemy is defeated, if he’s not absolutely crushed, he’ll try to reassemble the opposition and try to re-establish himself. We’re in one of those windows.  Every day you read something new in the newspapers. Things are moving, things are changing. There are some who want it to go back to like it was. And there are some who want things to go forward but they want to stay the same.  You cannot have the new without being new yourself! If you want to step into the new, you have got to stop doing the old first! On May 9th, Malaysia stopped doing the old!  Now is the time for Malaysia to step into the new.

In this period of time historically, when God had delivered His people from Egypt, He took them through a pathway in which He was training them because He wanted their heart to be made new, He wanted them to hear Him and He wanted to dwell right in their midst.  When God invited all the 3 million people to go up to the mountain with Moses to meet Him face to face, they refused and asked Moses to go and then tell them what God said. That’s not how God desired it. In fact, He was quite upset. He was going to write His law on their heart of flesh.  He was going to remove their sins and He was going to breathe and release His breath into them. Their future would have been secured. But instead He wrote His law on stone.

Then over several months, God took them through different episodes where He was trying to get them back to the point where they can hear Him.  They came to the point where God was ready to move them in to their promise. It was supposed to happen on the 15th of Av (this year it falls on 27th July).  Six days before that, the people took a vote and the majority (10 votes) decided not to go in to the land because the opposition was too big.  All of a sudden that window that was quite narrow, suddenly stopped existing and got reset 40 years later. This happened not because of their enemies, not because of other religions.  It did not happen because of something outside of them. It happened because of what was going on in them!

This is a time where God says His people must rise up!  In the weeks ahead you’re going to find God is going to meet you in a way you’re not accustomed to.  When God does new things they are never familiar. God says in His word, ‘Sing to the Lord a new song!’  He means the sound that comes out of you.  When God tells you to sing, sing it! But you have to know what He wants you to sing.  

You’re not going to go and invite God to come where you are.  You’re going to be where God is and you’re going to meet Him there.  Everything that God does would seem weird. It won’t make sense, because it’s God.  God doesn’t have to fit into our logic. We have to fit into His! And He reveals His logic to us.

This is a time God has appointed for you, His people, to release His sound and meet with Him on His terms not yours.  God is retraining all of us because we’ve never been to this point before. Everything that we know till now has brought us to this point.  But nothing that we know till now can take us beyond this point.

Desire to see Malaysia not just revived but Restored!  Revival is when people become Christians. Restoration is when the earth becomes new!

Look for what God is going to do.  Expect surprises over these next seven weeks.  Don’t settle for the majority. Settle for the one plus God!  Because you’re going to find, even among Christians, there are all kinds of opinions about what should happen, who should be in what.  But there is only one opinion that Restores and that is God Himself! So keep your eyes and ears open. Be ready because it’s starts now!

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