Acts of Grace ARISE, DAUGHTERS OF SARAH! by Pastor Henry



This is a trumpet call to women in the church to arise to their God-ordained positions.  The Apostle Peter presents Sarah, the most mentioned woman in the Bible, as the pattern and an example for all godly women.

Just as Abraham is called the father of Nations and the father of Faith, Sarah, his wife is called the mother of Nations and the mother of Faith.

“Arise, Deborah, arise” (Judges 5:12) was the call of God to a daughter of Sarah of old, then and even now.  More than half the body of Christ (as women outnumber men in most congregations) often feel that they have no say and are deterred from exercising their God-ordained positions and gifts within the very context to which they long to find expression.

The cry of Florence Nightingale, “I would have given my church my head, my heart and my hands, but she would not have it”, is still echoed by women in Christendom today.

The Bible must be the only basis for any study of a woman’s relationship with God, man and her position in the Kingdom.

Women proved their faithfulness to the Lord by following Him right to the cross.  Women were the last to leave the cross and the first to arrive at the tomb. Women were the first:

  • at the tomb of the risen Lord,
  • to see the Angels at the empty tomb,
  • to witness the Resurrection,
  • to see the resurrected Lord,
  • to worship the resurrected Lord,
  • to receive the Great Commission,
  • to proclaim the resurrection,
  • preachers of the Gospel.

The women came boldly to the tomb in the garden while the men hid themselves in fear, behind closed doors.  The women believed the news of the resurrection but the men doubted it (Luke 24:5-11). The Lord did not rebuke the women nor call them fools like He did the men.

The two men going to Emmaus did not recognise Him until they saw Him break bread (Luke 24:30-36) and the eleven cried out of fear when they saw Him, afraid that He was a spirit (Luke 24:36-37).

It is significant that the Lord deliberately selected the women to witness first to the eleven, and then to the world and to the generations which habitually regards the testimonies of women as entirely unreliable.

Once again, the Lord of the Harvest and the Head of the Church is calling His handmaiden to arise to their God-ordained positions and God-given commission!

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