Acts of Grace SEASON OF PREPARATION (Iyyar) by CHUCK PIERCE (Glory of Zion Ministries)

SEASON OF PREPARATION (Iyyar) by CHUCK PIERCE (Glory of Zion Ministries)


Then you will find the healing refreshment your body and spirit long for.  Glorify God with all your wealth, honouring him with your very best (Firstfruits), with every increase that comes to you.  Then every dimension of your life will overflow with blessings from an uncontainable source of inner joy!’

Staying in God’s timing is Key!  Every Firstfruits celebration produces keys for your continual Breakthrough and Victory!  It is not always easy to give your best. But God ordained every month that we would worship and bring to Him the best. Then as times grow difficult during the month, He blesses the rest of the lump that you have! (Romans 11:16)

We are in the second month of the Biblical calendar (15 April-14 May).  Last month was the time when the Israelites left Egypt (Passover) and headed out for the Promised Land.  Next month is the time when they arrived at Sinai and there was a great outpouring of revelation (Pentecost).  The 50 days in between is the transition period.  It was on that journey that God began to reveal His covenant secrets.  As they travelled through the wilderness the Lord revealed Himself as Yahweh Rapha (the Lord who heals), Yahweh Jireh (the Lord who provides), Yahweh Nissi (the Lord who fights for us)!

This becomes your connecting month. Think about Christ Jesus; this is the time He resurrected but He didn’t ascend immediately.  He stayed with the disciples so He could reveal resurrection and how we could operate in resurrection and breakthrough into our future!

This is the time of preparation for your future.  Something is stirring in you that can only happen in this season.  What it does is it activates you for your new beginning but it prepares you on how to enter in to the next seven years.  If you move right in this season, the rest of the year connects properly.

This season is associated with the Tribe of Issachar.  They understood the times (1 Chronicles 12:32). Therefore, this season is about unlocking the mysteries of God that have never been unlocked before on your behalf.  This is the season to Gain Heavenly Strategies to leave the wilderness! This is not an easy time but no matter what you’re going through, Heaven is accessible to you!

This is a time to deal with your soul; a time to look and observe introspectively to find a place of improvement so strength manifests.  Your conscience will Come Alive! Kidneys can be cleansed and you can be delivered from fear! Your path will be determined by Faith and not fear!

God is saying, “I’m mending the net of My people and I’m going to get them ready to launch out into a place that they will start reaping from all they have gone through! Over these next 30 days I’m going to be putting together My people.  I’m going to be putting together their future. I’m going to start sequencing their lives. There is a joy of resurrection that is coming that is going to set you in a new sequence path.” God is arising with a New Level of Resurrection that truly the city will rejoice when the power of the Lord Jesus Christ is released!  Walk in Resurrection!

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