Acts of Grace LIMITATION OF UNBELIEF by Pastor Henry



The Gospel of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was proclaimed thousands of years before He came, it is still being proclaimed and will be proclaimed till He returns.  So we have the privilege and joy of working with God to reach out to those who have not heard that they might hear and believe they are forgiven. God does not reject anyone.  It is people who reject God. Our joy is to spread the Good News! Are you limiting God with your unbelief? Are you an unbelieving believer?

Thomas was such a person.  He saw the miracles Jesus did.  He was an Eye-Witness and yet he doubted.  He was limited. He put up hindrances that blocked him from seeing clearly.  He could not accomplish his divine assignments because of his limitations.

In Revelations 3:20 we see Jesus standing outside the church and He’s knocking the door.  He says, “if your heart is open to hear My voice.”  Sad to say, we are hearing so many distracting, deceiving voices that we have no sense of direction.  We have no sense of achievement. No sense of destiny. No sense of purpose! But if you know who you are and Whose you are, nothing can cause you to deter because you have an appointed destiny that you desire to fulfil.  If you know Him, then you will have only one desire and that is to make Him known! I pray the Lord will open your ears that you may hear His voice!

When Jesus appeared to the disciples, Thomas was not there.  So when the disciples told him they saw Jesus, Thomas didn’t believe.  Even after being with Christ and performing miracles, Thomas still doubted that the Lord would appear as He had spoken. Like Thomas we are unbelieving believers – unless I see…unless I hear…I won’t believe.  Like Thomas we imprison ourselves in the five senses but God does not work only in your five senses! He works beyond because He is not imprisoned like you and I. God is not limited to your world. He is greater!  Miracles invade the five senses! The realm of Faith is beyond the five senses!

I challenge you, beloved, to come into the realm of faith so that you can see the invisible, so that you can hear that which is not heard, so that you can call forth things that are not there as though they are there.  And you call them forth by name!

You are an eyewitness.  You are saved. You have a testimony.  Your experience with Jesus Christ is greater and cannot be destroyed by any debate, argument or science!  Come out of your ‘I’s and say ‘HE’. Believe the unbelievable! Then you elevate yourself to higher dimensions where God operates.  

Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  There is a special blessing for those who are not limited to the five senses.  Their spirit responds to the Spirit of God to BELIEVE without hearing, seeing, touching, tasting or feeling.  That is Faith! In Believing you will have life eternal!

Beloved, Jesus has begun something in your life.  Let it be evident so that others may see you and know you are a light bearer, and know you carry the salt, will know you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and be drawn to Him through your Unlimited Belief!

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