Acts of Grace Passover by Pastor Henry Pillai

Passover by Pastor Henry Pillai


This is the most important week in the Christian calendar.  It’s not about Easter eggs and bunnies. That is pagan! But it is a celebration of Passover – when the death angel passes over us.  As a result we pass over from death to LIFE! Everything that was dead is REVIVED!

Deliverance – A Sign and Wonder of God!

Passover celebrates Redemption by the Blood of the Passover lamb.  For the Israelites, the blood of a spotless Passover lamb redeemed them from the power of Egypt.

For Christians, the blood of Jesus, our Passover Lamb, redeems us from the power of sin and Satan!  Redemption is the starting point of a walk with God! That’s why Passover is the first of God’s yearly appointed times.

But Passover is not just about redemption, it’s also about Deliverance!  Deliverance is “the action of being Rescued or Set Free.” The Israelites were in desperate need of deliverance!  They had been in Egypt for 430 years and they had multiplied greatly but a Pharaoh arose who feared them and wanted to destroy them!  Pharaoh’s solution: to enslave them and work them to death!

But God had a solution too!

The first step in Passover was judging the gods of Egypt.  God released His judgment through a series of 10 Plagues. They were power encounters with the demonic structures of Egypt designed to break their hold!  These plagues were an incredible Sign and Wonder!

However, the greatest sign and wonder was when Moses led them out of Egypt!  As they walked out of Egypt, they knew they were FREE! Years of oppression had Ended!  And that’s an experience God wants for YOU! Israel had an enemy named Pharaoh. But you have an enemy also!  His name is Satan! You have lived under his oppression far too long! Some have been consumed by sickness and pain.  Some have lived under grinding poverty. Some have had their children taken captive. Some have had their marriage destroyed.  Some are paralyzed by depression, fear & anxiety. That was Never God’s Plan For You!

Growing up in Egypt, it would have been easy for the Israelites to assume that the oppression of slavery had to be accepted.  That’s what many Christians do! They experience Satan’s oppression in their life and assume that’s just how things are. But that was Never God’s Will For You!  God wants you to be FILLED with overflowing LIFE!  Jesus said, “I have come that they might have Life, and have it more abundantly!”  He describes that flow of life as a surging River. “He who believes in Me, out of his innermost being will flow RIVERS of living water!”  He wants the Holy Spirit to be like a Refreshing River in your innermost being!  God’s goal for your life: FREEDOM & WHOLENESS!  That is your call and your DESTINY in God!

God has given you everything you need to Walk in Freedom!  God has given you ARMOUR. God has given you STRONG ALLIES.  God has given you the POWER of the Holy Spirit. God has given you AUTHORITY and because of that, you don’t have to live under oppression!  You Can Be Delivered! Deliverance is a gracious gift of God.

Passover is the season for Deliverance!  God wants You to be FREE!

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