Acts of Grace PRAY THE JESUS WAY  (Part 2) by Pastor Benny Tan

PRAY THE JESUS WAY  (Part 2) by Pastor Benny Tan


The prayer of Jesus is built on one solid foundation – that is the Presence of God.  And from there you rise from level to level until you are prepared, where you are anointed and strengthened to be propelled and launched to hit the mark!

Forgive us our sins – that is to know the Peace of God.  The Bible says that there is no peace for the wicked.  Who are the wicked? Those who walk in disobedience to the Word of God.  One of the greatest area of disobedience is in relationship. So when we come to God and say ‘Father, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.’  It is forgiven, it is removed and the peace of God floods your heart and you’ll soar like never before. When you have the peace of God inside you, when you are in a right relationship with Him and with one another, you will have absolute authority over the enemy.  You can go to the next level.

Lead us not into temptation but Deliver us from the evil one – the enemy will not be able to stop you When you have peace with God.  When you’re in a right relationship with God and with one another, no human, no demon, no government can touch you! That is the amazing thing with God.  And when you have that, finally you can declare, ‘Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen!

That is accessing the promises of God.

When you pray, Jesus says it’s not how loud you pray, it’s not how long you pray, it’s not how many words you use.  When you pray, pray in ‘this’ way, not in that way! What is ‘this’ way? What is the Jesus way?

  1. Access His Presence
  2. Access His Purpose
  3. Access His Provision
  4. Access His Peace
  5. Access His Power
  6. Access His Promises!

When you’re able to pray, ‘Yours in the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, you go away with such authority, such confidence!  You go away as a Conqueror, as an Overcomer! It is sad when we see Christians pray, pray, pray and then walk out with timidity, fear, anxiety, uncertainty in their language.  That’s not prayer!

Real prayer is when you’re able to finish with, ‘yeah, I know I have a RM1million debt to overcome.  I know I have this lawsuit to face. I know I have some bitter enemy slandering me, there’s work politics, they’re trying to get me fired.  But you know what?! I’ve prayed the way Jesus taught me to pray and I know that His is going to be the Kingdom, He’s going to rule and reign in this situation.  I know that His power is going to silence all the power of the enemy. And I know that this painful mess I may be in right now, I know it’s going to turn around for His glory!  Isn’t that exciting? That is what Jesus says when He says ‘pray in this way’!

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