Acts of Grace BEGINNING THE PROCESS OF CHANGE by Pastor Sharon Tan



So Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house?” And she said, “Your maidservant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil.”

We all have struggles and challenges.  None of us can tap out of life’s challenges but Asking Questions begins the process of Change!

Elisha asked a question to the widow.  Questions are fantastic!  There is great power in questions.  The Bible says, ‘ask of Me and I will give to you.  Could it be you have not because you have not specifically asked?’ (James 4)

Today God wants to interrupt that pattern of complaining and He wants to change your story.  As you get specific, God will respond to you.  God will ignite greater faith in you.  God will set you up so that your path will collide with people who have the answers for you!  So could it be you have not because you have asked not?

The widow said, “I only have a little.”  We often look at the little that we have.  But God wants you to be involved in the little that you have!  God takes the mundane in your life and turns it into the miraculous!  Whatever crisis, whatever challenge you’re in right now, it is God’s opportunity!  Are you ready to see change?

The ‘oil’ represented what they could use for trading.  It was exchanged to purchase their basic needs.  So she had a little bit of something that God could work with.  God is going to put an anointing on you so that you can align to His assignment!

Oil also represents the presence of God.  It represents the power and the peace of God.  Oil represents something that will come into you and come upon you and change and cleanse your life for eternity!

A vessel is just a vessel but the value of a vessel changes when you put something in it.  The value of your life will change as you allow the Holy Spirit to fill you up with His anointing oil.  The value of who you are, the value of where you go, the value of what you say will change because you are being filled with the eternal oil of the presence of God.

For you to fill up with oil there’s somethings you need to stop because you need to be an empty vessel available to God.  For some of you, you need to stop complaining.  You need to stop compromising.  Stop cheating. Stop comparing.  Stop competing.  Those are things that will bottle you up.

What are you carrying?  What specific dream and desire is in your heart that you want to see God take action on?

I believe within you there are many things that have been seeded already.  God wants you to know He wants to release supernatural wisdom, supernatural strategy, supernatural courage, supernatural confidence so that you can start to get into our assignment and start to pour out onto the hungry and thirsty.  Right where you’re planted is the planting of the Lord and God is going to speak to you.  He’s going to give you dreams, He’s going to give you strategies and ideas because He wants you to pour out onto the people He has put around you.  They are not there by accident!

This is your day.  Who will you pour into?  Who will you overflow onto?  The widow was moved from struggle to strategy.  I believe God honours our faith as we begin to take action.  Life began to be significantly blessed for this widow.  She began to live a life of freedom!  She began to live a life of no limitations!

How did she do it?  She moved, she took action on the little she had.  Today, God is asking you to take action on the little you have.  You have a little faith, you have a few friends, you have a little influence.  Well God says, I want to pour more into you as you take action with what you’ve got!

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