Acts of Grace POSSESSING GOD’S PROMISES (PT 1) by Pastor Benny Tan



For some last year would have been a fantastic year and you’re looking forward to this year.  Some others may be filled with anxiety, worry and wonder as to what the future holds.  We all don’t know what our future holds but that should not matter.  More importantly, you have to know WHO holds your future!

Years before Ps. Henry got this revelation of ‘A Year of No Limitations’, God gave it to a young man named Joshua.  Joshua and all Israel spent 30 days mourning the death of Moses and reflecting all that he did for them.  As Joshua was sitting and reflecting he would have had a lot of questions and doubts on his ability to lead the people after Moses. Suddenly God spoke and gave him this incredible assurance. “Joshua, look at Me.  As I was with Moses, I will be with you.  Don’t worry about what Moses couldn’t do.  I am going to do great things in you, for you and through you!”  God told him whatever he needed for his life and ministry was his; the Land, the River, the Sea, the Territory, the Land of the Hittites, Lebanon, Success, Prosperity, Victory, Possession, Protection.  It was all his!  Isn’t that amazing!  God’s promises are not only to Joshua, but to every one of us!

So what is the Key?  Just before God gave Joshua this amazing promise of No Limitations, God gave him one simple key.  Joshua 1:2, “Moses My Servant is dead.”

Everybody knew Moses was dead!  So why did God make such an obvious statement to Joshua?  God was saying “the Moses season is over and I’ve got something fresh and different for you!”  There is a time to remember and retell but there is also a time to Let Go!  God spoke that to Joshua deliberately in order to challenge him to Let Go!

Church, there are things we need to let go. What do you do with things that are dead?  You bury them.  If you don’t bury them, they will rot and stink!  The message was a Revelation that will bring about a Transformation.  If you want to move forward in your business, in your personal life, in your ministry, your vision or any area, you must be willing to Let Go!  God wants us to Learn from the past but not Live in the past!

What are some of the things we need to let go?


  • Lids


In 1 Samuel 17:28-44, we see 3 groups of people that tried to put lids on a young man called David.  God gave David the revelation to kill Goliath.  When David came on the scene, the first lid came from his oldest brother, Eliab who was jealous and envious.  Exerting his position as the oldest brother he told David that he was only good for looking after sheep and told him to go back to where he belonged. That’s a lid.

Next lid was from King Saul, who was surprised that a little boy like David wanted to fight Goliath.  He told David he was just a kid.

The third lid was from Goliath.  This 9foot giant looked at little David and laughed and taunted him, trying to intimidate him.

Church, people may want to put lids on you.  Don’t accept it, don’t allow it in your life.  Let it go!


  • Fear


There is a saying, ‘You can take the people out of Egypt but sadly you can’t take Egypt out of the people!’  Numbers 13:31-33 tells us that God took His people out of Egypt, out of slavery.  God promised them He was going to set them free and take them to the Promised Land.  He said He would fight and defeat the enemies for them.  But when the 10 spies went to survey the land, the first thing they saw were the giants and fear came upon them.  They went back and told the rest, even though God had promised all these things, we don’t think we can do it!

A lot of people have lids on them; the fear of defeat, the fear of failure, the fear of loss, the fear of rejection, the fear of the unknown, fear of the unfamiliar.  One of the biggest obstacle is ‘fear of the unfamiliar’.  A lot of people love their ‘comfort zone’ because it makes them feel secure.  Church, beware of and get rid of your comfort zone!  If you’re not careful your comfort zone will become your tombstone!  It will kill all your dreams and your vision.

What is keeping you back?  Is there a fear that’s stopping you today in your business, your dream, your vision?  The 10 spies were so close to entering the Promised Land.  What kept them back?  Fear!  Church, don’t let fear stop you.  It is time to let go of fear and BELIEVE GOD to do it!

The One who holds my future, He is the Lord of lords and King of kings!  He is the God of the Impossible.  He is the One who will make a way where there is no way!  He is Jehovah Jireh, my Provider!  He is my Defender!  He is my Vindicator!  He is my Lord, my God, my Redeemer!  He is the One that holds YOUR future!

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