And he will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season; Its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity].

When the Bible speaks about Prosperity, it speaks about things that cannot be bought; joy, peace, righteousness in the Holy Spirit.  Prosperity talks about the spiritual values, the quality of our life.

All of us are like trees.  There is a planter, there is a garden and there is a seed that is being planted.  This seed will become a tree.  When the tree does not bear fruit, the farmer will come and prune the tree; he will cut off certain branches or add manure.  He will stir up and encourage that tree to bear fruit.  Sometimes the tree will bear fruit.  But if it does not bear fruit, then the axe is used and the tree is chopped down.  It is then only fit to be thrown into the fire.

Jesus says you and I are like trees planted in His own garden.  He cares for these trees.  He wants the tree to bear fruit.  He wants the tree to bring fragrance and flowers and seeds that can produce fruit, for the birds to come and live, for it to give shade, for its leaves to be used as medicinal properties.  For its seeds to bring forth new life.  So God is saying you are the tree that He planted and from your life can come forth all of these things.  The question is, are you that kind of tree that is bringing forth fragrance, greenness and life or are we fruitless trees that occupy space and don’t contribute anything?  What kind of a tree are you?

Some of our leaves have withered.  It was green before but now it’s withered.  God is saying, if you will walk in His ways and listen to His Word then you will be like a tree planted beside the rivers of living waters.  The roots of this tree go in deep and get life.  This tree will always grow, always have abundance.  This tree brings forth His fruit in His season!  God wants you to be that kind of a tree.  Our seasons have come and our seasons have gone and yet we have not borne much fruit.  God is saying, look at yourself because your fruit should not wither and the fruit must come in its season!

Then Scripture says, ‘whatever he does shall prosper.’  This is what we want because as a child of God we want our leaves to be green.  We want the season to come and be blessed in that season.  We want to be fruitful.  But if this does not happen, God says examine yourself.  But if you’re doing as the Scriptures say, then ‘everything’ you put your hand to shall succeed, it shall be fruitful!  It will prosper!  These are spiritual principles from the Lord!

So it’s the will of God that everything in your life is blessed.  How to be blessed?  Walk not with the ungodly, stand not with the sinners and sit not with the scornful!  If you can take care of this and meditate on what God is saying for your good only, then whatsoever you do will prosper!

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