At a recent Family Journey meeting, a word was released for the Body of Christ.  Below is an excerpt of the word which I would like to share with you.

Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.  In the midst of resistance, there will be Breakthroughs!  Something great is happening over Asia.

The Hebraic year 5777 was the year of Alignment, the Sword and Breakthrough.  The Hebraic year 5778 is the year of Open Door.  I believe and many prophetic voices believe that we are about to see nothing less than the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven!  Our eyes have to open and see the supernatural in the spirit realm.  Like the 12 spies: 10 saw with natural eyes and 2 saw with spiritual eyes. The 2 saw the giants but also saw that the covering had departed from them.  The Bible says the invisible is more real than the visible.  On earth we are Ambassadors for Christ. We belong to another Kingdom but live here.  Our place here is to see what our Father is doing and bring it down on earth.  The Lord is saying ‘Now I have put before you an Open Door that no man can shut! Don’t be afraid, the season has changed!  The last season I have aligned things in the spirit realm for you to go into the Open Door. Do you believe?

The Lord is saying, ‘You have to Enter into the Open Door.’  In Revelation 3:7-8 the Lord speaks to the Philadelphia church, ‘You have little strength but you have not denied My Name, so I have set before you an Open Door.’

Malachi 3:13, the Lord is speaking to Malaysia, ‘watch that spirit!’  It is a Mocking spirit!  It is mocking God!  We have been praying and nothing changes. Even the evil doers prosper and those who put God to test, they get away with it.  Brothers and Sisters, even when we pray we do not see the answers, but God will speak.  Don’t fall into that Trap! It’s a mocking spirit against the sovereignty of God.  You may speak facts but you don’t see the whole picture of what God is about to do. So don’t let the enemy take you in that spirit which the 10 spies fell in.  The Lord says, enough is enough! I cannot take that spirit anymore! This people cannot possess the land!

Malachi 3:16, on that day God acted, He did not spare those who did not believe in His Ways and His Authority.  I want to say, this is the Year of Open Door! Don’t say it is impossible.  Don’t say we cannot go through the open door because of many obstacles. Because this Is The Time and God wants to release your Faith by opening your eyes and ears to what the Father is doing in the Heaven.  The enemy is there but the time is over. There is No more covering over them!

Family of Malaysia, we need to follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. He says the Son of Man cannot do anything unless He sees what the Father is doing.  I’m not asking you what the newspapers say or what the government says. This is not where we take the orders. I’m asking you, what does the Father say? What is the Father doing in Heaven? This is our Authority!

When we see in the spirit and when we hear in the spirit, our Faith will rise up. We bring on earth what Father is doing in Heaven. We are His Ambassadors. That’s what our Lord asked us to Pray “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done here in Malaysia as it is in Heaven”!

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