“All things are possible for the one who believes and trusts [in Me]!”

Globally, hospitals, educational institutions and charities were often founded by Christians in the name of Jesus Christ.   The greatest missionaries and explorers in our history went out in the name of Jesus Christ, to spread the message of Jesus.

  • Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, did her work because of the teaching of Jesus Christ.
  • David Livingstone helped to end the slave trade, whilst opening up Africa.
  • William Carey brought the first printing press to India and ended the ritual murder of women on their husbands’ funeral pyre.
  • William Booth founded the Salvation Army to help the poor and impoverished.
  • George Mueller and Dr. Barnardo opened children’s homes to save children from the street.

In the year 1780 in Great Britain, Robert Raikes could not stand the cycle of poverty and ignorance that was destroying little children.  He decided to teach children on Sundays because that was the day they were free from working in the factories.  He said, “I’m going to start a school for free to teach them to read and write and learn about God.”  He did and called it ‘Sunday School’.

John Ortberg writes that “Within fifty years, there were 1.5million children being taught by 160,000 volunteer teachers who had a vision for the education of a generation. Sunday School was one of the great educational triumphs of the world.”  Ortberg further notes that “In nation after nation, Christian missionaries found languages that had not been committed to writing. So in acts of remarkable sacrifice, they devoted their lives to this task. In many cases, the first efforts of the scientific study of a language were done by the Christian missionaries. They compiled the first dictionaries. They wrote the first grammars. They developed the first alphabets. The first important proper name written in many languages was the name of Jesus.”

We don’t have to look very far.  The legacy of this nation was founded by Christian Missionaries.  Schools, clinics, hospitals, airports, seaports, bridges, roads in Sabah & Sarawak were founded by Christians.  The oldest English language school in Malaya, Penang Free School, was founded in 1816 by Rev. Robert Sparke Hutchings.  It was established as a ‘free’ school to provide education and daily care for orphans and the poor.  The oldest all-girls secondary school, St. George’s Girls School, was built in 1885 in Penang.  Its origins started in 1884 when Mrs. Biggs, wife of Rev. Louis Biggs began conducting informal classes in their residence.

Beloved, how do we continue this legacy?  God chose you not because you are great but because you are so small!  He chose you not because you are rich but because you are poor!  He chose you not because you are many but because you are few!  And if that is how you feel, the good news is God, your Creator, looks at you differently.  You have the opportunity of greatness within you!  You have the opportunity of God-likeness in you!  And that is coming from the Lord Jesus Christ!



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