Acts of Grace The King is In Your Field

The King is In Your Field


There is a phrase in the Songs of Solomon: ‘I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.’  That’s what the sixth month in the Biblical calendar, Elul is about (22 Aug-20 Sept).  It’s a time of special intimacy with God.  And that’s why they say Elul is when ‘the King is in the Field!’

A King in ancient times lived in a palace.  He was protected by guards and iron gates.  To have an audience with the King, you had to make an appointment.  You had to learn palace protocol.  You had to be dressed correctly.  When you come to the Throne room, you had to be careful of what you said and what you did.  But one month of every year, the King left his palace and went out among his people.  He set up his royal tent in a field near a town and all who wanted to see him were welcomed.  The announcement was made: ‘the King is in the Field!’  That’s the season we are in!  It’s a season when God wants to be accessible to you and to make Himself accessible to others THROUGH YOU!

The Field is where you work, where you live.  It’s your daily life.  “The King is in YOUR field” means that your business should Prosper because of your relationship with God!  It means the students in your classroom come to experience God’s goodness!  It means your boss, your employees and your co-workers should all be BLESSED because of YOUR relationship with the King!  When that happens, you Prosper!  There are many examples of that in the Bible.

Best example was Joseph – sold into slavery!  He ended up in Potiphar’s house.  That was probably not a field he would have chosen but it was a field he was IN!  Potiphar saw that everything Joseph touched prospered.  Here is a pagan king but he had the discernment to recognize that he was BLESSED because his slave, Joseph, WALKED with God!  As a result, he Promoted Joseph!  The King was in Joseph’s Field!

Nehemiah – the cupbearer to the King. He had such wisdom and favour from God, he became an advisor to the King.  He was so respected and valued, the King gave him everything he asked for.  The King was in Nehemiah’s Field!

Daniel – such wisdom and revelation, he rose to the top of the Government in 2 gentile empires and introduced a pagan King to God!  The King was in Daniel’s Field!

Beloved, the King wants to be in YOUR Field!

God calls you to be like Joseph and Daniel and Nehemiah.  He calls you to carry the King into your work place so everyone can experience and recognize His goodness!  The King is living In You!  Jesus wants to manifest His character and nature Through You in Your Field!

Pray for God’s blessing on your field!  Be a blessing to your field!

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