“Therefore, while the promise of entering His rest still remains and is freely offered today, let us fear, in case any one of you may seem to come short of reaching it or think he has come too late.  For indeed we have had the good news preached to us, just as the Israelites also [when the good news of the Promised Land came to them]; but the message they heard did not benefit them, because it was not united with faith [in God] by those who heard.”

The Hebrew month of Av is the fifth month (24 July to 22 August).  The word ‘Av’ derives from the root, which means, ‘to will’ or ‘to desire’.

The month of Av was when the 12 spies went in to the Promised Land and brought back samples of the fruit of the land.  They said, “This is a wonderful, fruitful land just as God promised.” But 10 of the spies added, “We don’t have the strength to take the land.”  Two of the spies gave the minority report, “God can give the land into our hands!”  As so often happens, there was a voice of faith and a voice of unbelief.  When this happens, we need to be careful to choose correctly.

God designed Av to be the season to celebrate entering into the Promise but instead of believing God, the people agreed with unbelief and gave a negative confession.  They said, “The enemy is too strong for us.  We will all die!”  They tasted the FRUIT of the land but refused to enter.  They held back in unbelief.  Beloved, this season presents us with a Choice!  We can Choose to BELIEVE God’s Promise!  We can Choose to ENTER God’s Blessings!

This season is also associated with the constellation of Leo (the Lion).  This is one of the most prophetic seasons.  In Amos 3:8 it is written, “A lion has roared!  Who will not fear?  The Lord God has spoken!  Who can but prophesy?  When the lion (the people of God) roar in this season, a prophetic covering is created and that sound begins to resound in the earth realm.

The Hebrew letter for the month of Av is the letter ‘TET’ which is a picture of a ‘womb’.  Have you ever seen a pregnant woman?  She can keep her pregnancy a secret for a while but there comes a time when she begins to show.  She can ‘experience’ the life of pregnancy before her body even begins to reveal the physical changes taking place.  What it signifies is that certain things will be conceived in this season and God’s prophetic people can experience the Word before it manifests.

Beloved, you can develop a new level of discernment or you can choose to oppose counsel and advice.  If you look back in your life, you can identify times when people gave you counsel and advice; but you thought you knew more than anyone else and did not act on that advice.  The Bible says in Psalm 32:8 that God takes hold of the reins of your life and guides you by His eye.  If you have not allowed Him to work with you, then you are resisting His leading.  The Lord will give us a chance to follow Him and go through things, but sometimes resistance to His leading is going on.  Use wisdom, and allow the Lord to guide you and hone your discernment for the season ahead.

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