Acts of Grace Grace, Grace!

Grace, Grace!


Every day we face challenges but we are reminded not to rely in our own might or our own power but by His Spirit!  The same Spirit that raised Christ from the grave also dwells in us!  And if we will submit to God, He will also cause that Spirit to cause us to arise and overcome!

‘This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts’ (Zechariah 4:6).  The ‘Lord of Hosts’ speaks of a Warring God – a God who wars on your behalf; to defend you, to protect you!  But you must willingly come under His covering.

Wherever we go, we hear news of failure, or discouragement, people wanting to give up.  It’s like disaster all around!  But the Lord is saying, in the darkest hour in your life that’s when the glorious light of the Messiah begins to invade!  And when light invades, darkness has to vanish!  So don’t give room for darkness in our life.  Invite the light, Jesus Christ!

‘Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become a plain!’ (verse 7a)  Zerubbabel was the head of the tribe of Judah during the time of the return from the Babylon exile. He was the prime builder of the Second Temple.  The name Zerubbabel literally means ‘pressed out one’.  In doing what he was called to do he faced a lot of situations, not of his doing.  But out of that pressure came forth a great man of God!  What pressure are you under?  Acknowledge God has allowed it because He is doing something!  Say to the Lord, ‘Do something in my life so the sand in my life, the irritation in my life will become a priceless pearl before you!’  Beloved, you are a pearl of great price! That’s how God sees you!  We’ll go through the fire and come out purified!  We’ll go through the lion’s den and come out victorious!  We’ll go through all the challenges thrown at us and we will Triumph!  We are Victors!  We are Overcomers!  The Persian meaning of Zerubbabel is ‘joy in tribulation’.   Wonderful name!

He looks at the mountains and says, before me you shall become a plain and then he shouts, ‘Grace! Grace!’ (verse 7b)  Grace means divine, undeserving favour.  It’s an abbreviation for ‘God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense!’  And so God says, ‘You have a mountain facing you?  You have a great challenge before you?  Look at the mountain, Believe you are under My covering. Look at the mountain and know it’s not by your power, it’s not by your might but by My Spirit.  So look at the mountain and say Grace! Grace!  And that mountain will become a plain!  Look at the situation in Malaysia – political, economical.  All we have to do is come under His covering and by His Spirit we declare Grace! Grace! again and again and this mountain will become a plain!

This is the time of Reverse!  This is the time of Turnaround!  This is the time darkness turns to Light!  This is the time the enemy shall be put to shame!  This is the season to get out of captivity!  This is the time, we Respond like the children of God!  The destiny of the nation is determined in the Prayer Altar!

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