God’s Description Of Ecclesia Ecclesia is the Church, which means ‘called out ones’. God called Israel out of Egypt. Likewise, He calls us out of the world. He calls us to be ‘separated, different, holy, called-up, set apart’ from the world so that we can reveal God’s purpose to the powers of the world and God’s wisdom for every situation (Ephesians 3:10). All the wisdom of God, all that we need in life, God has already deposited in His body which

COMING OF AGE – KNOWING YOUR IDENTITY BY PS. HENRY PILLAI SCRIPTURE OF THE WEEK: LUKE 2:41-52 Coming of Age is a tradition practised by all cultures.  Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, it’s a great celebration acknowledging the transition of a child into adulthood.  These traditions bond the family and the marriage and it is something God ordained, even in Scripture. In the coming of age, the child goes through many changes physically and emotionally and sometimes they may think these

SEASON OF PASSOVER BY PS. HENRY PILLAI SCRIPTURE OF THE WEEK: ROMANS 6:1-14 This is the most important week in the Christian calendar.  It’s not about Easter eggs and bunnies.  That is pagan!  Even the word “Easter” is a name of Lucifer.  It is not even found in the Bible.  But it is a celebration of Passover!  When the death angel passes over us and as a result we pass over from death to LIFE!  Everything that was dead, being REVIVED! Jesus knew that

Season of Redemption by Pastor Henry Pillai God will work out situations in our lives when finally He can get us alone with Him. This is the month of Redemption, which means God is inviting you to come into the secret place. As much as you need to spend time alone with God, He is saying, I have something very intimate, very serious to reveal so I want to spend time alone with you. In the secret place is when the real

It started when Joseph was 17 years old. God showed Joseph favour through his father and because of this favour Joseph received a special coat. Genesis 37:3, ‘Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours.’ Then Joseph received a dream from God and when he shared this dream with his brothers, they hated him even more. For the dream to come true

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