Acts of Grace March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017

All of us have Dreams, however, some dreams are God given. Some are from demonic forces. Some are from our human spirit because the language of the spirit world is dreams.

Scripture says, without Vision we perish. We must have vision to know where we’re going, what we’re doing; our plans, our goals. Then you have direction, otherwise you just exist.

There was a little boy by the name of Neil Armstrong. Every night, as he lay on his bed, he would look at the moon. His mum would come to make sure he’s asleep and she would say, ‘Why are you watching the moon all the time?’ And Neil would reply, ‘Mummy, one day I’m going to walk on that moon!’ Many years later, the first man who landed and walked on the moon was Neil Armstrong. A foolish Imagination? And yet, that was one of the greatest advancements as he broke forth!

It is said only 4% of the human race fulfil their visions, their dreams, their goals, in their lifetime. Only 4%! All of us have dreams, visions or some goals we would love to achieve. And yet, how come 96% of humans don’t fulfil their goals?

Beloved, when God created you, He had a dream for you. The Bible says that even before your mother conceived you in her womb, before you had your beginnings in your father’s loins, before you were born, God knew you by name! You’re not here by accident. That should give you value!

And when you came, he put a divine dream, a divine vision in you so that you have a sense of worth, sense of purpose. That should give you hope!

When Jesus hung on the cross He said, ‘It is Finished!’ Paul said, ‘I’ve run the race, I finished my course. Now I’m ready to be offered.’ Who are these men, that had such boldness, such confidence that emperors and kings tremble before them? Beloved, You and I have the same calling and anointing!

What is the divine assignment that God has given you while you transit planet Earth? You’re not going to live here forever. The Bible says, naked you came, naked you will leave. You take nothing! So, while you’re on transit on planet Earth, what is your divine assignment? Did you come here just to consume or did you come to ‘contribute’ and go?

I pray that you begin to think and begin to see the way God sees You. God sees you as something valuable, something precious, that you could be in His dream.

Divine Imagination

Genesis 11:6, ‘And the Lord said, Behold, the people are one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.’

Listen beloved, this is the key. God is saying, if we come together, have the same language of faith. Have the same language of love. Have one goal, one purpose and we are united, whatever we imagine can be accomplished!

So, today I want to challenge us to dream corporately. Our dream today; your dream and mine should be one thing, it’s to take the good news of the Lord Jesus to all the people in all the world. This must be our one dream. One day a man of God confirmed what the Lord had spoken to me. He asked me, ‘Why are you praying for a village? God does not have a village vision. God’s vision is not limited to your village; it’s not limited only to you. God has only one vision; it’s a world vision. God loves the world!’ So I changed my prayer. Sitting in that village there, in a place where I didn’t even have a proper place to sleep, or a passport or anything else and yet I began praying, ‘God, save the world. Send me all over the world!’ I didn’t even own a bicycle then! What the Lord has done through me today is way beyond my imagination then! But it began with a change of vision and a change in prayer. Everything happens in the Spirit realm before it becomes visible and touchable.

The Bible tells us; ALL things are possible! Can you be set free from the drugs? Yes! Can you be set free from fear that torments you? Yes! Many of us are prisoners of our own thoughts! Many of us are prisoners of our own imaginations! We are limited by our fears that we are not willing to venture where God wants us to go.

Beloved, your prayer has to change. When you start praying for the lost world then the Lord will enlarge your vision. You can only pray as far as you see. You can only go in life as far as you see. That’s why the Scripture says, ‘Where there is no vision the people perish.’ It begins in your mind! It begins in your imagination. It begins with a dream. What dreams do you have? Are they God inspired? Are they human inspired or are they demonic inspired? All of us get from all these three realms. May your desire be to hear God’s voice. HalleluYah!

Prophetic Word from Chuck Pierce (A Time To Triumph – How to Win the War Ahead)

This is a time of preparation! I am bringing things up and bringing things down, and setting a straight course for you. I am planning your path. I am causing your path to begin to link with other paths. Be comforted from all the struggle of your past seasons.

Look ahead! Allow Me to bring you to the intersection of comfort. Wars are ceasing and changing; new wars are arising. Receive comfort like a healing balm upon your eyes from your last war season. Look ahead, for your path will now begin to illuminate in a new way. The signpost you could not see will now come into plain view. As you advance toward this signpost, the way you should go will become clear. As you go past the intersection called “comfort”, the directional arrow for the place that I call “New” will appear before you.

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