Acts of Grace February 12, 2017

February 12, 2017


 2017 is the year to Triumph!  In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory”.  However, there can be no victory without a battle.  There can be no Triumph without a war!

Consequently, the 17th season will be a time of intensive confrontations between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God.  It will be a time of great confrontations between morality and immorality, purity and perversion, light and darkness.  It will also be a time of achievementsfor those who are ready to fight the good fight of faith.  It will be a time of triumph for all who will use the spiritual weapons available to them to enforce the triumph of good over evil – at the individual, institutional and national levels.

God has deposited revelation and vision within you that will be called up for such a time as this.  All through history we see God has His Triumphant Reserve.  This triumphant reserve, in the days ahead, will be those who have risen and fallen, and risen again and fallen again.  God hasnot given up on You!  This is Your time to rise again and be Triumphant!

Through the challenges, each one will be called to make the choice to follow God, no matter what the cost.  Then the Lord will use you to stand steadfast and represent His Kingdom plan in the earth.


  • is to celebrate and rejoice with victory and jubilation
  • indicates an advantage has been gained over the enemy
  • conveys success has been granted through a supernatural grace being released.
  • What are some examples of battles or war that we face?  How can we overcome them?
  • What are our Spiritual Weapons of Warfare?  Why is it important to put on the full armour of God?

 This is the year of Turn-around.  If you walk with the Lord, if you abide in Him daily, everything will be Restored for every good and perfect gift is from above! (James 1:17) So Triumph and Reign in Victory!


Biblically every month is a new prophetic season and so we want to hear what God is saying about the times that we are living in because if we stay in step with the Holy Spirit, we can prosper in every season!

 Shevat (28 Jan-25 Feb) is the 11th month in the Hebrew calendar.  It is associated with the Tribe of Asher.  Asher means “pleasure, happiness”.  The tribe of Asher were blessed with the potential for every earthly blessing – abundant food, resources, children, the favor of God & security from enemies.

 This year & this month, the RIVER is Key!  There is a River that flows through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation :

  •  Zechariah 14:8 – A river of LIVING WATER flowing from Jerusalem.
  • Daniel 7:10 – A river of FIRE flowing out from the Throne
  • Isaiah 66:12 – A river of PEACE and a flood of WEALTH
  • Joel 3:18 – A fountain flowing from the Lord’s house to WATER the dry places of the earth!

 The most significant revelation of the river is found in Ezekiel 47:1-2 – The River of GOD, that flows from His Throne, releasing His LIFE and BLESSING into the earth!

 Jesus explains to us in John 4:13-14 and John 7:37-39 that the RIVER OF GOD, the River of Life, the River of Healing, the River of Delight, the River of Fire, the River of Provision is the Holy Spirit!

 Therefore, You have a River of Life flowing out of YOU!

 Where do you find the River?

  1. It flows from the Temple – where God’s presence is honored through praise & worship, the river begins to flow!  This month, let God bring you to a new place of praise & worship.
  2.   It flows from the Throne – where His authority is honored.  When we love Him, we obey Him and as we honor Him, His river is released.  This month, let us come into a new place of submission to Him.
  3.  It flows from Jesus – because the Holy Spirit is His Gift to us.  This month, ask Him in faith, to come and visit you.

“There comes a time when WATERS OF CHANGE must rise.  This produces a River.  Rivers are powerful.  Rivers flow!  God’s River will seem torrential to some and refreshing to others, bringing you to a new place of harvest.

 The River is cutting a new path for God’s people to come into the habitation for the future.  That means that the Church must change its structure and prepare for the River to bring a new supply of fish into our nets.  The Lord will fill our nets if we will stand in the rising River and resist fear.  How you process the changes of the River at this time will determine how you are prepared for the future.  It’s time to JUMP in the River, to be REFRESHED & EMPOWERED and CARRIED by Holy Spirit to a whole new place of multiplication & empowerment!” (Chuck Pierce)

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