Acts of Grace January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017


Part 1   By Dr. Jeanette Storm

Lessons from the eagle and the lion to enable us to soar and roar, Triumph and Reign in Year 2017.

To move forward in this journey with Christ, we need vision and revelation. Otherwise,we become stagnant. Unfortunately, I have met many believers who are the same todayas they were twenty or thirty years ago, even people who have been filled with the Holy Spirit.  To grow, you have to long for revelation and you have to order your life in order to be able to receive revelation.

At the beginning of every year, I seek the Lord for two or three things.  One thing, I seek Him for is to know what aspect of His character that He wants to reveal to me in thatparticular year.  For example, I can spend a whole year studying the strength of God or the mercy of God or His goodness and faithfulness. When you begin to construct your life like that, you will be continually growing in your knowledge and understanding of God, because ultimately, a Christian life is not about what we are doing for Him butknowing who He is to us.  We have this wonderful prayer for the church by the apostlePaul in the beginning of Ephesians, “that the eyes of your understanding may be opened, that you may really know who Christ is.” It is about Christ and our relationship with Him.  It is not about doctrine or creeds.

My ‘mantle’ for this year has centred on the phrase “soar and roar”. I did not go seeking itbut it came seeking me.  Often God arranges for people, resources and other events in our lives to teach us. During Christmas time last year, the church that I attended held aChristmas party as was the usual practice.  At the party, the pastor’s wife made all kinds of different ornaments that would go on the Christmas tree.  She would pray over them and attach a prophetic word to each of those ornaments.  The pastors and other staff of the church would then each choose an ornament from the tree. I was not present at the party but when I returned I was asked to choose the remainder of the ornaments which were kept in a box.  I was attracted to this little red bird which had a ribbon attached to it that says ‘rest and soar’.  I knew that the Lord was giving me a distinct word for this year about soaring in Him.  Whenever God gives you a word you cannot let it lie fallow,otherwise you will forget. I knew I had to pursue God for more understanding about whatresting and soaring in Him meant.

Then I came upon Isaiah 40:30-31 which says, Even the youths shall faint and be weary, And the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Thereafter, I spent some time exploring what it means to be an eagle saint or an eagle believer in God.  I realize that if you are an eagle saint you have two characteristics.  One characteristic is that you are a person of vision.  God is always calling us to be a peopleof vision.  One of my missionary friends in California is now about ninety-five years old.  She has such an amazing walk with God across the years.  She came to the Lord when she was about twelve and was filled with the Holy Spirit. When she was a teenager she actually died and her mother prayed her back to life again.  As a result she gave her heart to the Lord.  I knew her ten years ago when she was about eighty-five years old.  At that time she was still functioning as a pastor of the church.  Every Thursday, she would have a noon group and people would flock in to hear her and to be healed and restored.  It was a great challenge to me to see an eighty-five year-old woman who still has vision.  Whenwe reach a certain age, our vision can easily die along the way if we are not careful.  Vision should never die.  God is always calling us to more.  Finally, at the age of eighty-eight she decided she needed to retire.  As she was retiring, I asked her about her plans and she said, “Oh, now I have books to write.”  She still has vision. So, no matter what your age is, you should have a vision.  As long as you are on this earth you have a purpose.

Another characteristic is the ability to rise above storms and difficulties.  It is said ofthe eagle that when there is a big storm coming, it does not sit and hide in the trees like other birds do. Instead, it will face the storm head-on and take advantage of the winds to soar above the storm. Then it will be up there enjoying the sunlight while the other birds are huddling in fear below.  I think this is a picture of so many believers.  We find it easier to hunker down than to face the storm and to rise up into the heavenlies where Christ abides.  It is a fact that no matter what happens to you or what your circumstances are, no one can keep you from having a wonderful relationship with Jesus.

One of the greatest examples of this was a German pastor named Dietrich Bonhoeffer.Even though he had the opportunity to be safe in the United States, he chose to stay in Germany even as Hitler’s power was rising and Nazism was taking over.  He continued to do what he had been doing – to train young pastors. The final chapter of his life was spent in a concentration camp.  He was such a great testimony that when he was going to be put to death, a soldier was willing to give his life for him because he saw how DietrichBonhoeffer was able to rise above his circumstances. He knew he was a child of God andeven in the midst of such terrible adversities, he could rise above them.  Therefore, no matter how terrible your situation, be like an eagle – keep your eyes on the Lord and rise above it!

Isaiah 40:31 talks about another aspect of the eagle – that they are perpetually renewed. Present-day science says that every year, the eagle’s feathers are renewed. Likewise, we have to be renewed as we go along. (To be continued)

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